2013 Football Schedule
Date Opponent Time / Score
8/31 Syracuse* 3:30pm
9/7 E. MICHIGAN noon
9/14 UCF 6pm
10/5 @Indiana TBA
10/12 MICHIGAN** 5pm
10/26 @Ohio State 8pm
11/9 @Minnesota TBA
11/30 @Wisconsin TBA

*E. Rutherford, N.J.

Nittany Lion Shrine What the heck is a Nittany Lion, anyway? Read the story of our school symbol and mascot (and hear the lion roar),

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Joint Trustees' $50K Endowment Campaign

Katie Bartoo, President

I am very pleased to announce that our Chapter is in discussions with the Tri-County Florida Chapter (a/k/a our friends from The Villages) to make a commitment to raise $50,000 for a Trustee Matching Endowment. This means our Chapter has its own personal challenge to raise $25,000 ("The Fund") over the next 6 years (our formal 5-year commitment would be made next year). This is going to be tough but I know you all will be generous in your donations (even $5 helps). We want to start early and desperately need your help!

If we meet our commitment and jointly raise $50,000, Penn State’s Board of Trustees will match it! So this year, we are selling new Chapter t-shirts (see page 5). Five dollars from each shirt will go towards The Fund. In addition, $5 of the Chapter dues for this year will also go towards The Fund. Please, please, please, consider adding an additional amount when you renew your dues. The average Penn State student is now graduating with $31,000 in outstanding loans and they need our help!

We've provided a facility for making your generous donations in our Chapter Store. Please consider a nice donation to this worthy cause today!